Antedeans (sometimes spelled Antidean)

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Player Race: No
Relation to UFP:

- Not enough about this race is known to justify it as a player race.
- The fact that space travel is traumatic for them, makes them an undesirable race to play.

A civilization of fishlike humanoids from planet Antede III.  Antedeans find spaceflight extremely traumatic and survive the ordeal by entering a self-induced catatonic state.  Upon revival at the end of a voyage, Antedeans require large amounts of food to replenish their bodies.  (Manhunt -TNG).
Star Trek: The Encyclopedia (1999 Edition).

Planet: Antide III. Ichthyohumanoid species which are fish-like in appearance and have purplish-silver scales. The natives of Antede III have been seen by very few humans. Their preferred method of dealing with the trauma of space travel is a self-induced catatonic state, during which they can rest standing up. Their half-shut eyes fully open upon awakening, a process that takes several hours. They then proceed to eat large quantities of vermicula . On stardate 42859.2, several Antideans were revealed by Ambassador Lwaxana Troi to be conspiratory assassins bent on sabotaging their planet's Federation membership conference on Pacifica.
Star Trek: Continuum.