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Player Race: Yes
Relation to UFP:

- In TOS times, the Argellians had their own law system, which meant they wern't part of the UFP, we don't know if this has changed or not.

Peaceful humanoid civilization from planet Argelius II.  Formerly a violent people, the Argelians underwent a social upheaval in 2067 they called their Great Awakening, in which the society turned to peace.  In 2267, the U.S.S. Enterprise visited the planet for shore leave.  During their stay, Montgomery Scott was extradited for the murder of two women.  Having no current laws regarding murder, the Argelians were forced to rely on their brutal ancient codes established before the Great Awakening.  (Wolf in the Fold -TOS).
Star Trek: The Encyclopedia (1999 edition).

Planet: Argelius II. Despite the hedonistic nature of the natives of Argelius II, their planet has long known as a friendly shore-leave spot for Starfleet -- even after the murderous Redjac entity was discovered there in 2267. Over a century later, Quark wondered about putting an Argelian massage facility in Garak's old storefront if he didn't want to reopen his shop.
Star Trek: Continuum.