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Player Race: Yes
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- Not many Bolians in ACTD.

Civilization of humanoids native to planet Bolarus IX (Allegiance -TNG) and distinguished by a light blue skin and a bifurcated ridge running down the center of the face.  Their blood is blue.  (The Adversary -DS9).  Bolians have very different blood chemistry from Vulcans.  A blood transfusion from a Vulcan to a Bolian would be fatal for the Bolian (Prototype -VGR).  Bolians have a cartilaginous lining on their tongues.  (Flashback -VGR).  The Bolians have a principle of assisted suicide that dates back to their middle ages.  This was termed the double effect principle, and it deemed ethical any action that relieved suffering, even if that same action had the secondary effect of causing death.  (Death Wish -VGR).  Captain Rixx, commander of the Starship Thomas Paine, was Bolian (Conspiracy -TNG), as was Starfleet cadet Mitena Haro (Allegiance -TNG), Enterprise-D barber Mr. Mot, Ambassador Vadosia (The Forsaken -DS9), and the tactical officer aboard the Starship Saratoga, destroyed in the battle of Wolf 359. (Emissary -DS9).
Star Trek: The Encyclopedia (1999 edition).

Civilization.  In 2373, the Bolian government authorized the Ferengi Gaming Commission to manage their gambling emporiums (Ferengi Love Songs -DS9).  Many Bolians lived on Earth in the 24th century (Hope and Fear -VGR).
Star Trek: The Encyclopedia (1999 edition) Supplemental