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Player Race: Yes
Relation to UFP:
Unknown.  Friendly

- We'd like to assume that the Bynars are members of the UFP, however if they were they wouldn't have had to steal the Enterprise-D.

Humanoid civilization from planet Bynaus.  The Bynars are heavily integrated with a sophisticated planetary computer network that serves as the framework of their society.  Bynars usually live and work in pairs that are electronically connected for rapid exchange of binary data.  The star Beta Magellan, around which Bynaus orbited, went nova in 2364, severly damaging the Bynars' planetary computer system.  The Bynars attempted to steal the Enterprise-D in an effort to use the ship's computers to restart their own system  (11001001 -TNG).
Star Trek: The Encyclopedia (1999 edition).