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Player Race: Yes
Relation to UFP:

The TNG Episode "Dark Page" is the only notable appearance of the Cairn. The exclusive telepathic nature of the species will make it difficult for a player to interact with anyone amongst the crew who is not also telepathic.

The Cairn are a Humanoid society that communicates telepathically and has no concept of spoke language. They applied for admission to the Federation in 2370. The Cairn exchange information telepathically but unlike many other telepathic species their communciations involved sending images instead of words. Like Betazoids they communicate telepathically only with other telepaths. The Cairn sent a diplomatic mission to the Federation Starship Enterprise-D in 230. Betazoid ambassador Lwaxana Troi accompanied the Cairn delegation so that she could use her telepathic abilitiees to help overcome the communcations barrier between the crew and the Cairn delegation ("Dark page" [TNG]).