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Player Race: Yes
Relation to UFP:

Very few Caitians have been shown in Star Trek, though most notably in Star Trek IV & VI. When shown, Caitians have always been in uniform, and for this reason they are considered a player race.

Home planet, 15 Lyncis II. Distinctly feline in appearance, this bipedal species sport a thick coating of fur across their entire body. Full bloo Ciatians often have thick manes aroudn the back of their heads and neck, giving them a lion-like appearance. Partial Caitians generall lack this mane but features like pointed ears and long tail, which moves in varying styles depending on the mood of the individual, are universal throughout the species. The larges eyes, and excellent night vision, are a few other examples of universal traits. The Caitian range of hearing far exceeds that of normal humanoids and a Caitians larynx is structured much differently giving them a deep, purring, resonance when they speak.

Caitian society is based on personal freedom. The freedom of one individual cannot be compromised, within civilized boundaries. Caitian cities are built with huge, graceful structures, and are very peaceful. One thing humans often notice about Caitian Cities is the speed at which things move. Psychological studies of Caitians show that they love games where speed is essential, such as sprinting, and racing of all sorts. Individually, Caitians can run a great deal faster than the normal human. However, their ability to absord damage is less than magnificent, and they avoid games that involve physical contact such as American Football or Regallian Horseshoes.

Throughout their history, the Caitians have practiced total equality of the sexes, and the perceive no difference between the various "breeds" of their species. Though they are descended from carnivorous ancestors, the vast majority have become vegetarian.
- Worlds of the Federation, by Shane Johnson, copyright 1989