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Player Race: No
Relation to UFP:

- for some reason there is open discourse with this race, even though it's tech levels are way low... so player races are being ruled out.

Humanoid inhabitants of planet Capella IV.  Relatively primitive by Federation technological standards, the Capellans had a strong tribal government and a strict set of warrior morels.  They considered combat more interesting than love, and did not believe in medicine, feeling that the weak should die.  Their tribal government was led by a ruler called a teer, who headed the Ten Tribes of Capella.  A significant power struggle in 2267 resulted in the death of High Teer Akaar at the hands of rival Maab, with the support of Klingon operatives who sought to influence the outcome of the topaline negotiations with the Federation.  Maab was himself later killed, and leadership of the Ten Tribes was assumed by Leonard James Akaar, infant son of the late Teer Akaar.  While the child was growing, Leonard James' mother, Eleen, ruled the Ten Tribes as regent (Friday's Child -TOS).
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