Crystalline Entity

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Player Race: umm.. no.
Relation to UFP:

- Besides the fact the only known entity is dead, I don't think it would be possible for this to a player race.

A spaceborne lifeform of unknown origin whose structure resembled a large snowflake, hundreds of meters across.  The Crystalline Entity apparently thrived by absorbing the energy of biological lifeforms on planets, leaving behind devastated planetary surfaces.  The Crystalline Entity was responsible for the destruction of the Omicron Theta colony (including all inhabitants) in 2336.  The androids Data and Lore, who were dormant underground at the time of the attack, escaped harm.  It was believed that Lore had betrayed the colonists to the entity just prior to the attack (Datalore -TNG).  Colony residents Dr. Noonien and Dr. Juliana Soong both fled during the attack aboard an escape pod, although Juliana Soong was severely injured (Inheritance -TNG).  In subsequent years, Dr. Kila Marr, whose son died at Omicron Theta, studied the entity, examing 12 attack sites, including planet Forlat III.  The entity's last attack was in 2368 at the Melona IV colony.  Shortly thereafter, marr destroyed the entity with a modulated graviton beam (Silicon Avatar -TNG).
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