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Player Race: No
Relation to UFP:

- Race located in Gamma Quadrant... nuff said.

Nation from a humanoid civilization in the Gamma Quadrant; the ancient enemies of the Nol-Ennis, whom they have fought for many generations.  The leaders of their planet were unable to mediate a peace, so both factions were sent to a moon and stranded as an example to the rest of the civilization.  A defensive net of artificial satellites was created to keep out unwelcome visitors.  The planet's leaders also constructed artificial microbes that repaired the prisoners' biological functions at a cellular level, preventing death but making the prisoners unable to leave the moon.  If a prisoner was removed from the moon, the microbes would stop functioning and the body would die.  Thus the horrific cycle of death and life continued, with only hate and vengeance to sustain the combatants (Battle Lines -DS9).
Star Trek: The Encyclopedia (1999 edition)