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Player Race: Yes
Relation to UFP:

- While they object to warp travel near their homeworld, they may serve in the UFP Starfleet.

Hekaras II.
  Class-M planet; a Federation member.  Located in the Hekaras Corridor, Hekaras II was the only inhabitated planet in the region.  In the late 2360s, two Hekaran scientists discovered that the region of space near their planet was very susceptible to warp field effect.  They tried to persuade the Federation Council and their own people to avoid the use of warp travel in the area, even though it would mean the almost total isolation of their planet.  It was not until 2370, following the formation of a subspace rift in the corridor, that the scientists' theories were believed.  Unfortunately due to the gravitational shifts following the formation of the rift, the climate of Hekaras II began to change.  As a short-term measure, Starfleet was able to assist the Hekarans with a weather control matrix (Force of Nature -TNG).
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