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Player Race: No
Relation to UFP:

- No one wants to play a rock-blob creature.

Silicon-based lifeform native to planet Janus VI.  The Horta's natural environment is underground, and is secretes a powerful corrosive acid to enable it to move through solid rock with great ease.  Every 50,000 years, all but one Horta dies, leaving the sole survivor to care for the eggs.  This individual becomes the mother to her race.  The Horta were discovered in 2267 by Federation mining personnel on Janus VI when a number of unexplained deaths among the miners were found to be caused by the mother Horta protecting her eggs.  The miners had unknowingly broken into a subterranean chamber known as the Vault of Tomorrow, where the Horta's eggs were stored.  The Hortas' true nature was discovered when Enterprise Science Officer Spock mind-melded with the mother Horta.  Once a level of understanding was achieved between the Horta and the humans, the Horta had no objection to sharing their planet, and in fact agreed to help the miners harvest the abundant minerals on Janus VI (The Devil in the Dark -TOS).
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