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Player Race: No
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- Located in Delta Quadrant...  relationship with Kazon will likely be hostile.

Spacefaring humanoid civilization from the Delta Quadrant (Caretaker -VGR).  Long ago, the Kazon were among the most culturally and technologically advanced people in that part of the galazy.  This ended when the Kason were conquered by the Trade, who encouraged the various Kazon sects to fight among themselves, making them easier to control.  The Trade oppression ended in 2346 when Jal Sankur united the Kazon people, overthrowing the Trabe.  The departing Kazons stole the Trabe's spacecraft, return the Kazon to the status of a spcefaring society (Maneuvers -VGR).  After gaining their freedom, the Kazon persecuted the Trabe, denying their former oppressors sanctuary on other planets.  In 2372, trabe leader Mabus conspired to assassinate a delegation of Kazon first majes brought together under the guise of a peaceconference.  The murderous plan failed, and the Kazon continued its revenge against the Trabe (Alliances -VGR).  Nevertheless, the Kazon people quickly returned to a society divided into warring sects, including the Kason-Ogla (Caretaker -VGR) and the Kazon-Nistrim (State of Flux -VGR).  While possessing the Trabe interstellar space flight capabilities, the Kazon did not have transporter, replicator, or related technologies common to spacefaring groups in the Alpha Quadrant (Caretaker -VGR).  The Kazon are very territorial, and borders between the sects change daily.  Even the number of Kazon sects changes daily.  In early 2372, there were approximately 18 sects (Initiations -VGR).
Star Trek: The Encyclopedia (1999 edition).

Civilization in the Delta Quadrant.  The Borg referred to the Kazon as Species 329.  The Borg encountered a Kzaon colony in the Gand sector but did not assimilate them because they considered them unworthy (Mortal Coil -VGR).
Star Trek: The Encyclopedia (1999 edition) -Supplement

Species 329.  Borg designation for the Kazon people (Mortal Coil -VGR).
Star Trek: The Encyclopedia (1999 edition) -Supplemental