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Player Race: Yes
Relation to UFP:
Unknown.  Protectorate of Klingon Empire.

- They seem like a 'normal' species.  Since relations with Klingons are good, they are applicable.

  Class-M planet in the Kriosian system, controlled by the Klingon Empire.  In 2367, Captain Picard and Klingon Ambassador Kell met with Klingon Governor Vagh at Krios, following a Kriosian revolt that the Klingons believed had been supported by the Federation (The Mind's Eye -TNG).  The inhabitants of Krios had been at war with the neighboring system, Valt Minor, for centuries.  Krios was named for one of two brothers who, centuries ago, shared the rule of a vast empire in space.  Krios and his brother, Valt, both fellin love with a woman named Garuth, but Krios kidnapped her and took her to the star system what would later bear his name.  War erupted between Valt Minor and Krios.  In 2368, a historic Ceremony of Reconciliation was held in hopes of ending the centuries of conflict (The Perfect Mate -TNG).
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