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Player Race: No
Relation to UFP:
First Contact made with goverment but not general public.

- This race is still under prime directive protection.

A humanoid civilization whose members are characterized by enlarged frontal skull bones and a single fused phalange, rather than distinct fingers.  In 2367, Malcorian scoiety was undergoing a series of social reforms accompanied by rapid leaps in technology.  The Malcorians were within ten months of their first interstellar flight, but the prospects of potential contact with extraterrestrial life were disturbing to some of the Malcorian people.  During this time of social upheaval, the Enterprise-D attempted to complete a program of covert study on the planet prior to first contact with the Malcorian government.  Unfortunately, the premature discovery of Federation personnel on the planet's surface led to hysteria in parts of the population and the first contact had to be delayed indefinitely (First Contact -TNG).
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