mimetic life-forms

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Player Race: No
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- Race is apparently only found on one planet in the Delta Quadrant.

Metallic liquid life-form that evolved as an abundant biomass on a Class-Y planet in the Delta Quadrant.  The mimetic life-form was primarily composed of deuterium, hydrogen sulfate, dichromates, and protein molecules.  In late 2374, the Federation starship Voyager visited the mimetic life-form's homeworld.  When a mishap brought two of Voyager's humanoid crew members into physical contact with the life-form, the nonsentient liquid life-form sampled the DNA of both individuals and somehow created near-perfect duplicates of them.  The only difference was that the duplicates were perfectly adapted to live in the extreme environmental conditions normal to a Class-Y world.  In creating the duplicates, the life-form gained sentience and realized that it did not wish to be alone.  Other members of the Voyager crew therefore agreed to allow themselves to be duplicated by the life-form, which called itself 'silver blood', allowing the duplicates to remain behind so that the silver blood would not need to be along (Demon -VGR).
Star Trek: The Encyclopedia (1999 edition) -Supplement