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Player Race: No
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- Located in Delta Quadrant.

Humanoid civilization form the Delta Quadrant.  The Ocampa have a life span of about nine years.  Ocampa communicate telepathically, as well as verbally.  Legend has it that the ancient Ocampa possessed even more extraordinary telepathic and mental powers.  Ocampa civilization was nearly destroyed a thousand years ago, when their planet suffered a major ecological catastrophe, accidentally triggered by intergalactic explorers.  The explorers accepted responsibility for this disaster and left two of their kind behind to care for the Ocampa people.  One, who became known as the Caretaker, created a subterranean city for the Ocampa.  For over five hundred Ocampa generations, the Caretaker provided power for the city from his space borne Array, while protecting the Ocampa from intruders like the Kazon-Ogla (Caretaker -VGR).  In 2072, Suspiria, the Caretaker's mate, took some two thousand Ocampa individuals with her to a second Array, where she helped them develop their latent psychokinetic powers so that they could join her in Exosia (Cold Fire -VGR).  The Caretaker died in 2371, at which time the city had enough energy stored to provide for the Ocampa people until 2376 (Caretaker -VGR).  The Ocampa bury their dead beneath the soil and believe that their comra or spirit is released into the afterlife (Emanations -VGR).
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