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Player Race: No
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- likely they are still recovering from the great addiction.

Humanoid species native to planet Ornara.  The Ornarans had suffered from a deadly plague two centuries ago, a plague that was cured with the medication felicium from the planet Brekka.  Unfortunately, felicium was later found to have powerfully addictive narcotic effects, with the result of all Ornarans had become addicted to the drug.  The people of Brekka exploited the situation, selling felicium  to the Ornarans, while concealing from them the fact that the drug was no longer needed to control the plague.  Generations of drug addiction resulted in loss of intelligence and technical knowledge, so by the year 2364, the Ornarans no longer had the ability to maintain their interplanetary freighters they needed to transport felicium from Brekka to Ornara.  The Ornarans, along with the Brekkians, requested Federation assistance in repairing their remaining ships, but Enterprise-D Captain Picard declined to render aid, citing Prime Directive considerations (Symbiosis -TNG).
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