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Player Race: Yes
Relation to UFP:

- They may be dim, but they do possess intelligence... of a sort.

Species of characteristically heavyset and technologically advanced humanoids.  Although initial contact with the Enterprise-D in 2365 suggested the Pakleds had limited intellectual capacities, this was found to be untrue, and the Pakleds further demonstrated considerable cunning in attempting to capture Enterprise-D engineer Geordi La Forge (Samaritan Snare -TNG).  Pakled interests owned a magnesite ore mine on planet Kalla III.  In 2370, the Duras sisters illegally mined the deposit without the Pakleds' knowledge (Firstborn -TNG).  A Pakled spacecraft rescued Lore after he was transported into space in 2364.  Subsequently he adopted traditional Pakled clothing styles (Brothers -TNG).
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