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Player Race: Yes
Relation to UFP:

- Their psychokinetic powers make them a touchy issue for a player race.  Player's that use this race must acknowledge that either their powers are non-existent or are watered-down with some kind of cross-breeding or something more imaginative.

Humanoids, originally from the Sahndara star system, who patterned their society after the teachings of ancient Earth philsopher Plato.  When their star, Sahndara, exploded millennia ago, 38 individuals fled their doomed world, settling briefly on Earth during the time of Plato.  When the Greek culture faded, the Platonians moved to another planet, which they called Platonius.  Here, they accidentally developed powerful psychokinetic powers from ingesting native food containing kironide, a rare and powerful element found in the food.  The Platonians remained unknown to the rest of the galaxy for centuries until their leader, Parmen, fell ill in 2268 and summoned the Starship Enterprise to provide him with medical care (Plato's Stepchildren -TOS).
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