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Player Race: No
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Friendly?  Neutral?  Unknown.

- It would be silly to have a player race that was able to move back and forth in time...

In the Bajoran religion, the Prophets are spiritual entities who provide wisdom and guidance to the Bajoran people.  Bajoran tradition holds that the Prophets were responsible for the nine Orbs that served as sources of wisdom for the people of Bajor.  Many Bajorans believe that the alien beings first encountered in the Bajoran wormhole by Commander Benjamin Sisko in 2369 were in fact the Prophets.  These life-forms found the concept of linear time to be totally alien, and Sisko attempted to help them understand the importance of linear existence to Bajorans and humans.  Ironically, although Sisko did not believe in the Bajoran religion, his rold in making contact with these life-forms made him their prophesied Emissary, a role that Sisko did not relish, although he respected their beliefs (Emissary -DS9).  In 2371, the Prophets encountered Ferengi Grand Nagus Zek, finding his highly acquisitive nature to be deeply offensive.  The Prophets devolved Zek's personality back to a time before Ferengi sought progit above everything.  They returned Zek to his oriiginal state after Quark convinced them that the change to Zek would invite more visits from linear beings, a prospect that the Prophets found distasteful (Prophet Motive -DS9).
Star Trek: The Encyclopedia (1999 edition).

Energy life-forms from the Bajoran wormhole, central figures in the Bajoran religion, also known as wormhole aliens.  Although the Prophets considered themselves to be above corporeal matters, they acknowledged that they were 'of Bajor'.  They also respected Benjamin Sisko sufficiently that they acceded to his request to intervene on behalf of the Bajoran people in 2374, destroying a massive Dominion invasion fleet in the wormhole before it could reach Bajoran space (Sacrifice of Angels -DS9).  Shortly thereafter, the Prophets sent on of their number to station Deep Space 9 to battle an errant Pah-wraith in a long prophesied conflict called the Reckoning.  Kai Winn interfered before it could reach a conclusion (The Reckoning -DS9).  The Prophets vanished after the wormhole was sealed in late 2374 (Tears of the Prophets -DS9), but they returned several months later when the Emissary  opened the ark containing the long-lost Orb of the Emissary.  Sisko long wondered why the prophets  had chosen him as their Emissary.  In fact, he was destined for the role from the time of his conception, which was brought about when a prophet possessed the human woman who would become his mother.  This woman later gave birth to Benjamin Sisko (Shadows and Symbols -DS9).  Benjamin Sisko fulfilled his destiny in late 2375, when he fought with agents of the Pah-wraiths known as Kosst Amojan and succeeded in returning the pah-wraiths to their prison in the fire caves on Bajor.  Having fulfilled the destiny for which he was born, Benjamin Sisko left the linear domain of existence and entered the realm of the Celestial Temple (What You Leave Behind -DS9).
Star Trek: The Encyclopedia (1999 edition) -Supplemental