Q Continuum

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Player Race: NO
Relation to UFP:

- To be blunt...  forget about this race being a player race.

Extradimensional domain in which Q and others of his kind exist (Encounter at Farpoint, parts 1 and 2 -TNG).  Although immensely powerful and intelligent, the Q require the stimulus of novelty to maintain their vitality.  About ten thousand years ago, the Continuum entered a New Era of enlightenment and culture.  Unfortunately, complacency set in thereafter, and the continuum became stagnant.  Q rebelled against the order represented by the New Era and was generally ostracized by the Continuum.  One member of the Continuum, an individual later known as Quinn, found Q's irrepressible nature to be an inspiration.  Quinn regarded the immortality of the Continuum as an intolerable hardship, and so sought to end his life.  The Continuum refused to allow Quinn's request, and ordered him imprisoned in a rogue comet (Death Wish -VGR).  Q himself was briefly banished from the Continuum in 2366, until another Q entered our existence, offering to restore his powers (Deja Q -TNG).  The Continuum commanded Q to instruct and evaluate Amanda Rogers to see if she could ignore her powers and live among humans.  If she could not or if she refused to accompany Q back to the Continuum, she was to be destroyed.  The Continuum felt a moral obligation not to allow members of their kind to live with inferior beings and still use their awesome powers (True-Q -TNG).  The death of Quinn spawned a freedom faction within the Continuum, culminating in a great civil war in 2373 between the freedom faction and forces of the status quo.  Voyager Captain  Kathryn Janeway experienced the warring Continuum in images of the 19th-century American civil war.  One side effect of this conflict was the detonation of an unusual number of supernovae thoughout the galaxy during that year.  The war was ended when Q, representing the freedom faction, mated with a female Q.  Their offspring offered a new hope of peace for the continuum (The Q and the Grey -VGR).
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