Sky Spirits

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Player Race: No
Relation to UFP:

- Based in the Delta Quadrant...  but they're also too powerful.

In the mythology of some Native American cultures on Earth, the Sky Spirits created the ancestors of the ancient Rubber Tree People more than a thousand generations ago.  They led the humans across their planet to a new land where the people made their home.  They gave these humans an extraordinary genetic gift, a strong sense of curiousity and of bold adventure, which served them well in their new home on what later became known as the American continents.  The Sky Spirits were said to honor the land above all else.  In 2372, Chakotay, himself a descendent of the Rubber Tree People, discovered the Sky Spirits on a planet in the Delta Quadrant.  They possessed an extremely advanced technology that allowed them to cross vast interstellar distances.  They even had a sophisticated cloaking technology and had the ability to control weather on a Class-M planet (Tattoo -VGR).
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