Species 8472

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- They're watching us......

Borg designation for a technologically sophisticated life-form that existed in a fluidic space realm located in a dimension apart from our universe.  Species 8472 had an extremely dense genetic structure and an extraordinarily powerful immune system.  Anything that penetrated their cells was instantly destroyed, including chemical, biological, or technological intruders (Scorpion, part 1 -VGR).  In late 2373 the Borg discovered fluidic space and learned that Species 8472 possessed organic spacecraft and a biogenically engineered weapons technology that was superior to anything known to the Borg.  Seeking to assimilate this civilization and its technology into the collective, the Borg launched an attack on the fluidic space realm, only to be repulsed by Species 8472.  Shortly thereafter, 8472 launched a retaliatory strike, sending hundreds of powerful bioships into the Delta Quadrant with the goal of eliminating all life-forms from the galaxy. The 8472 assault was halted when the Borg obtained nanoprobe weapons technology from the crew of the Starship Voyager, a weapons system against which Species 8472 had no effective defense at the time (Scorpion, part 2 -VGR).  One 8472 ship was sufficiently damaged in the battle that is was not able to return home to fluidic space.  This lone vessel was pursued by Hirogen hunters, and its crew killed, despite an effort by the crew of the Starship Voyager to lend humanitarian assistance to the last surviving 8472 individual (Prey -VGR).  The Species 8472 hostility toward the humanoid societies of the Milky Way Galaxy was evidently the result of Voyager's alliance with the Borg in 2374.  Fearing that the Alpha Quadrant powers were planning a devastating attack into fluidic space, Species 8472 sought to better prepare itself by gathering detailed intelligence on Starfleet operations and humanoid societies.  To do so, Species 8472 constructed a series of elaborate re-creations of key Alpha Quadrant locales, including Starfleet Headquarters, for the purposes of training 8472 operatives to infiltrate Federation society.  This training was considered necessary because of the alien biology, culture, and values of the humanoid societies.  For example, Species 8472 was literature, art, and music as alien concepts.  They considered huamnoid genetics to be impure and felt deeply threatened by the violent tendencies of many humanoid cultures.  They even found the non-fluidic spatial environment difficult to deal with.  Some of Species 8472's fears were allayed in 2375 when Starship Voyager captain Kathryn Janeway conducted negotiations with 8472 representatives, the first real talks between the two cultures.
Star Trek: The Encyclopedia (1999 edition) -Supplemental