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Player Race: Yes
Relation to UFP:

- Great care needs to be exercised when using this race for a character, since their ability to shrug off injuries can get out of hand.

Humanoid species whose members have vaguely reptilian features.  Little was known about the Takarans until 2369, when Enterprise-D Chief Medical Officer Beverly Crusher was given an opportunity to autopsy a Takaran.  Crusher discovered that the Takarans did not have organs in the traditional sense; rather, Takaran internal physiology was homogenous throughout the body.  This made the Takarans extremely difficult to injure or kill.  Effective damage would have to be done on a cellular level.  Crusher also discovered that Takarans were able to control the rate of their cellular physiology, allowing them to put themselves into a state resembling death (Suspicions -TNG).
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