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Player Race: No
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- Located in the Delta Quadrant.

Humanoid civilization native to the planet Talax in the Delta Quadrant.  The Talaxians surrendered to the Haakonian Order in 2356 after a decade-long war was ended by the deployment of the metreon cascade, a deadly weapon that killed over 300,000 Talaxians on Rinax.  Talaxians who came in contact with the fallout from the metreon cascade suffered metrmia, a deadly blood disease (Jetrel -VGR).  The Talaxian respiratory system is directly linked to multiple points along the spinal column (Phage -VGR).  It is a tradition in Talaxian society to share the history of a meal before eating.  It was seen as a way of enhancing the culinary experience (Flashback -VGR).
Star Trek: The Encyclopedia (1999 edition).

Species 218.  Borg designation for Talaxians (The Raven -VGR).
Star Trek: The Encyclopedia (1999 edition) -Supplemental

Civilization.  each year, the Talaxian people observe a holiday they call Prixin, a celebration of their families.  The Talaxian people traditionally mourn their dead for a full week in a burial ceremony.  Many Talaxians believe that upon death they will go to a beautiful place called the Great Forest (Mortal Coil -VGR).
Star Trek: The Encyclopedia (1999 edition) -Supplemental