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Player Race: No
Relation to UFP:

- I can't see members of this race joining, since they will still have the blight, however maybe in the future some of their children will, because they were inspired by the Federation's generousity in curing them.

Teplan system.
  Planetary system located in the Gamma Quadrant just outside Dominion space.  In 2172, the inhabitants of one of the planets in the Teplan system resisted the Dominion, and for their defiance, a deadly plague called 'the blight' was unleashed on their world.  For two centuries, the blight devastated Teplan society, causing untold suffering.  In 2372, a Starfleet team led by Dr. Julian Bashir sought to develop a cure for the disease.  Although Bashir could not find a cure, he was successful in developing a vaccine that was effective if administered before birth (The Quickening -DS9).
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