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Player Race: No
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- Located in the Delta Quadrant.

technologically advanced civilization in the Delta Quadrant.  The Trabe had enslaved the Kazon, deliberately causing the Kazon sects to fight one another, making them easier to control.  Finally, in 2346, Kal Sankur was successful in uniting the sects to overthrow their Trabe oppressors.  One legacy of the Trabe control of the Kazon was the fact that the kazon continued to use spacecraft of Trabe design for many years thereafter (Initiations -VGR, Maneuvers -VGR).  The surviving Trabe wandered through space, pursued by the Kazon, who would not allow the Trabe to settle on a new planet.  In 2372, Trabe leader Mabus convinced Starship Voyager Captain Kathryn Janeway to call a conference of the Kazon first majes to discuss a plan for peace.  However, the conference proved to be a trap by the Trabe to kill the most powerful Kazons as an act of revenge.  The attempt failed, deepening Kazon hatred against the Trabe (Alliances -VGR).
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