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Player Race: Yes
Relation to UFP:

- No reason for them not to be a player race.

A humanoid species of telepaths, characterized by skin involutions in the temporal area of their skulls.  Though Ullians are able to read the minds of many other species, they themselves are unreadable by certain other telepathic groups, particularly Betazoids.  Prior to the year 2068, Ullian society was plagued by violence, and cases of telepathic memory invasion rape were common among the population.  But by the 21st century, the Ullians had evolved into a peaceful people, and such barbaric acts virtually disappeared.  In the 2300s, cetain members of Ullian society received special training in the art of telepathic memory retrieval and were using that talent to amass a library of individual memories, not unlike a collection of oral histories.  By 2368, Ullian historians had compiled memories from 11 planets, but research was delayed by the arrest of researcher Jev for several cases of telepathic rape (Violations -TNG).
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