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Player Race: Yes
Relation to UFP:

- Maybe they're a bit gullible, but hey...  there isn't a reason to deny them as a player race.

Ventax II.
  A Class-M planet that, a millenium ago, suffered from terrible wars and environmental havoc.  According to Ventaxian legend, this dark age was ended by the Contract of Ardra, in which the mythic figure Ardra agreed to grant a thousand years of peace and prosperity in exchange for the population delivering itself into slavery at the end of the millenium.  Federation anthropologist Dr. Howard Clark issued a distress call from Ventax II in 2367 when a con artist identifying herself as Ardra attempted to collect on that contract.  First contact with the Ventaxians had been made in 2297 by a Klingon expedition (Devil's Due -TNG).
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