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Player Race: No
Relation to UFP:

- We don't know where this race is located.

Technologically sophisticated humanoid civilization.  The Vhnori didn't believe in any kind of spirit in the manner common to many other humanoid cultures.  The Vhnori sent their dead through spectral ruptures into the Next Emanation in a ceremony called a Vhnori transference ritual.  They believed that in the afterlife they would reach a higher consciousness and be reunited with their dead relatives there.  Voyager officer Harry Kim briefly visited the Vhnori homeworld in 2371 by means of a spectral rupture.  Because the spectral rupture traversed an unknown distance, the actual location of the Vhnori homeworld remained a mystery; it may have been located in another galaxy, another time, or even another dimension (Emanations -VGR).
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