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Player Race: No
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- Race located in Delta Quadrant.

Sentient humanoid civilization that shared a Class-M world in the Delta Quadrant with the Kradin people.  The Vori and the Kradin declared war on each other around 2364.  each side characterized the other as inhuman beasts, to motivate their citizenry to support the war.  The Vori, finding it difficult to recruit new soldiers, conscripted their own people and offworlders through sophisticated mind-control techniques.  A new conscript would be subjected to elaborate psychometric projections and psychotropic manipulation, causing the conscript to believe has was in the company of Vori guerillas.  In the course of the mind-control simulation, the conscript would be led to feel an emotional bonding with his fellow defenders.  The conscript would then be made to feel anger when those defenders were brutally killed by the Kradin and outrage when the Kradin (apparently) massacred the inhabitants of a Vori village.  In 2374, Commander Chakotay was so conscripted after crash-landing his shuttle on their world (Nemesis -VGR).
Star Trek: The Encyclopedia (1999 edition) -Supplemental