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Player Race: No
Relation to UFP:

- We don't know the status of Starfleet going through the wormhole, so we'll leave this race alone for a bit.

Humanoid civilization form the Gamma Quadrant.  First encountered by a Vulcan ship in 2369.  A Wadi diplomatic delegation was the first formal first contact from the Gamma Quadrant to visit the Alpha Quadrant though the Bajoran wormhole.  Tall in stature, the Wadi were interested mostly in games and went straight to Quark's bar upon arriving at station Deep Space 9.  When Quark cheated them at dabo, the leader of the Wadi, Falow, forced him to play an elaborate game they called chula.  The stakes were high, and involved the involuntary participation of ke members of the Deep Space 9 crew (Move Along Home -DS9).
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