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Player Race: Yes
Relation to UFP:

- So maybe they'd make a great Civilian/Intelligence Officer character? :)

Civilization of humanoids known as interstellar dealers of information.  Yridian agents, working for Cardassian interests, were reponsible for the murder of archaeologist Richard Galen in 2369, in an effort to steal his research data.  The Romulans intercepted communications between the Yridians and the Cardassians, making the Romulans aware of the importance of Galen's work (The Chase -TNG).  Jaglom Shrek, who sold Work information about Mogh, was Yridian (Birthright, part 1 -TNG).  Yridian operatives were suspected of helping Cardassians transfer weapons into the Demilitarized Zone in late 2370.  This claim was never proven (The Maquis, part 1 -DS9).  In 2371, Garak listed an unnamed Yridian national as someone who might want Garak dead (Improbable Cause -DS9).
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